Consulting Services

Dr. Guidotti has been retained as a consultant to evaluate problems, propose solutions, develop long-term strategies, and manage difficult tasks in his areas of expertise. He does not work in pharma, clinical trials, or medical device development.


In his career, Dr. Guidotti has achieved a distinguished track record of innovation in managing occupational health, clinical expertise relevant to medicine and prevention, risk management expertise relevant to regulatory compliance, expertise in compensation and medicolegal issues, experience in wellness and health promotion, and a problem-solving approach.


Dr. Guidotti has knowledge and experience outside of medicine in related fields and issues related to health, safety, environmental management (HSE) and sustainability, as well as the management and delivery of occupational and environmental health services. He is also a thought leader on issues of health and sustainability.


Strategic Planning and Management


Dr. Guidotti offers well-developed skills in strategic planning and consulting that apply to health, safety, environment, and sustainability, and to serve clients in need of assistance for problem solving, program development, risk communication, and long-term planning.


Occupational and Environmental Services


Dr. Guidotti’s core expertise is in occupational and environmental medicine, especially lung disease and toxicology. His long academic career, extensive consulting experience, and frequent engagement in complex problem solving have given him considerable versatility and insight.


By its nature, his field of OEM has given him skills, versatility, and the broad background to come up to speed quickly in a variety of industry sectors and challenges.