This list is representative, selected for topics most likely to be of interest to visitors to this website (clients, potential collaborators, persons performing due diligence).

Dr. Guidotti has published approximately 200 individual full-length papers, of which about 60 are original research articles. In addition, he has published numerous relatively short-form editorials, columns, and reports. New items are continually being added; be aware that this list is not comprehensive or necessarily up to date.

Dr. Guidotti is also the editor of Archives of Environmental and Occupational Health, the oldest journal in the field in North America, continuously published since 1919.


Selected Research Papers

(Dr. Guidotti has published 60 research papers, of which this is only a representative selection.)

Workplace violence in the health sector in Turkey: A national study. Pinar T, Acikel C, Pinar G, Karabulut E, Saygun M, Bariskin E, Guidotti TL, Akdur R, Sabuncu H, Bodur S, Egri M, Bakir B, Acikgoz EM, Atceken I, Cengiz M. J Interpers Violence. 2015 Jun 28. pii: 0886260515591976. [Epub ahead of print]

Indoor environmental and air quality characteristics, building-related symptoms, and worker productivity in a federal government building complex. Lukcso DF, Guidotti TL, Franklin DE, Burt A. Arch Environ Occup Health 2014; in press in hard copy. E-published September 2014. DOI: 10.1080/19338244.2014.965246

Wood dust levels in Alberta sawmills. Yamanaka MW, Guidotti TL, Koehncke N, Taylor FM, Taylor C, Harman L. Arch Environ Occup Health 2009;64(4):270 – 277.

The Fort McMurray Demonstration Project in Social Marketing: No change in injury rates following intensive community and workplace intervention. Guidotti TL, Pooja D, Bertera R, Ford L. J Comm Health 2009;34:392 – 399.

Mechanism and treatment of sulfide-induced coma: a rat model. Almeida A, Nation P, Guidotti TL. Int J Toxicol 2008;27:287-293.

Elevated lead in drinking water in Washington, DC, 2003–2004: The public health response. Guidotti TL, Calhoun T, Davies-Cole JO, Knuckles ME, Stokes L, Glymph C, Lum G, Moses MS, Goldsmith DF, Ragain L. Environ Health Persp 2007;115:695-701.

An investigation of noise levels in Alberta sawmills. Koehncke N, Taylor M, Taylor C, Harman L, Hessel PA, Beulne P, Guidotti TL. Am J Indust Med 2002; 156-164.

Permanent respiratory impairment and upper airways symptoms despite clinical improvement in patients with reactive airways dysfunction syndrome. Demeter SL, Cordasco EM, Guidotti TL. Sci Tot Env 2001; 270(1-3):49-55.

The Fort McMurray Demonstration Project in Social Marketing: Theory, design and evaluation. Guidotti TL, Ford L, Wheeler M. Am J Prev Med 2000;18(2):163-169.

Differential sensitivity of lung and brain to sulfide exposure: a peripheral mechanism for apnea. Almeida AF, Guidotti TL. Toxicol Sci 1999;50:287-293.

Health impact assessment of PBCs, PCDDs and PCDFs in relation to a special waste treatment center incident in Alberta, Canada. Guidotti TL, Gabos S, Schopflocher D, Waters J, Grimsrud K, Muir DG, Schindler D, Forese KL, Blais JM, Ramamoorthy S, Chan S, Chen W. Organohalogen Compounds 1998;39:165-167.

The Fort McMurray Demonstration Project in Social Marketing: health- and safety-related behaviour in a prosperous industrial community. Guidotti TL, Watson L, Wheeler M, Jhangri GS. Int J Consumer

The Fort McMurray Demonstration Program in Social Marketing: health- and safety-related behaviour among oil sands workers. Guidotti TL, Watson L, Wheeler M, Jhangri GS. Occ Med (London) 1996;46:265-274.

Lung cancer among tin miners in southeast China: Silica exposure, silicosis, and cigarette smoking. Fu Hua, Gu Xueqi, Jin Xipeng, Yu Shunzhang, Wu Kaiguo, Guidotti TL. Am J Ind Med 1993: 1994: 26:373-381.

Mortality of urban firefighters in Alberta, 1927-1987. Guidotti TL. Am J Ind Med 1993; 23:921-940.

Effect on a community of a perceived excess cancer risk: Case study of an epidemiologic mistake. Guidotti TL, Jacobs P. Am J Public Health 1992; 83:233-239.

Mortality of urban transit workers: Indications of an excess of deaths by suicide using gas. Guidotti TL. Occ Med (formerly J Soc Occ Med) 1992; 42:125-128.

Return to work after occupation-related burns: An exploratory study. Inancsi W, Guidotti TL. Canadian Journal of Rehabilitation 1989; 2:169-174.

Recall bias in exposed subjects following a toxic exposure incident. Hopwood DG, Guidotti TL. Arch Environ Health 1988; 43:234‑237.

Epidemiologic features that may distinguish between building‑associated illness outbreaks due to chemical exposure or psychogenic origin. Guidotti TL, Alexander RW, Fedoruk MJ. J Occ Med 1987; 29:148‑150.

Toxic inhalation of nitrogen dioxide: Morphologic and functional changes. Guidotti TL. Exp Mol Pathol 1980; 33:90‑103.

Arc welders’ pneumoconiosis: Application of advanced scanning electron microscopy. Guidotti TL, Abraham JL, DeNee PB, et al. Arch Environ Health 1978; 33:117‑24.

Environmental factors in the epidemiology of lymphosarcoma. Goldsmith JR, Guidotti TL. Pathol Ann (Part II) 1977; 12:411‑25.


Selected Review Articles

The evolving spectrum of pulmonary disease in responders to the World Trade Center tragedy. Guidotti TL, Prezant D, de la Hoz RE, Miller A. Am J Indust Med 2011;54(9):649-660.

Hydrogen sulfide: advances in understanding human toxicity. Guidotti TLG. Int J Toxicol 2010;29(6):569 – 581.

The interpretation of trace element analysis in body fluids. Guidotti TL, McNamara J, Moses MS. Indian J Med Res 2008;128:524 – 532.

Comparative models for workplace-centered wellness. Guidotti TL. J Health and Productivity 2008;3(1):15 – 21.

Environmental exposure and children’s health in China. Ye XB, Fu H, Guidotti TL. Arch Environ Occup Health 2008;62(2):61-73.

Acute cyanide poisoning in prehospital care: new challenge, new tools for intervention. Guidotti TL. Prehosp Disaster Med 2006:21(2, Suppl):S40-48.

Diagnosis and initial management of nonmalignant diseases related to asbestos. Ad Hoc Committee [on Update of 1986 Criteria for the Diagnosis of Nonmalignant Asbestos-Related Disease: Guidotti TL, Miller A, Christiani D, Wagner G, Balmes J, Harber P, Brodkin CA, Rom W, Hillerdal G, Harbut M, Green FHY]. Am J Respir Crit Care Med 2004;170:691-715.

Health risks posed by use of di-2-ethylhexyl phthalate (DEHP) in PVC medical devices: a critical review. Tickner JA, Schettler T, Guidotti TL, McCally M, Rossi M. Am J Indust Med 2001;39(1):100-111.

Interpretation of trace metal analysis profile for patients occupationally exposed to metals. Guidotti TL, Audette RJ, Martin CJ. Occ Med 1997; 47:497-503.

Respiratory hazards of welding. Martin CJ, Guidotti TL, Langård S. Clin Pulm Med 1997;4(4):194-204.

Occupational mortality among firefighters: assessing the association. Guidotti TL. J Occ Env Med 1995;37:1348-1356.

Occupational injuries in Alberta: responding to recent trends. Guidotti TL. Occup Med 1995;45:81-88.

Consistency of diagnostic criteria for asthma from Laënnec (1819) to the National Asthma Education Program (1991). Guidotti TL. J Asthma 1994;31(5): 329-338.

Implications for human health of global atmospheric change. Guidotti TL, Last J. Trans Roy Soc Canada 1992; Ser. VI, v. II:223-239.

Process chemicals in the oil and gas industry: Potential occupational hazards. Cottle MKW, Guidotti TL. Toxicol Ind Health 1990; 6:41-56.

Critique of available studies on the toxicology of kretek smoke and its constituents by routes of entry involving the respiratory tract. Guidotti, TL. Arch Toxicol 1989; 63:7‑12.

Clove cigarettes: The basis for concern regarding health effects. Guidotti TL, Laing L, Prakash

UBS. West J Med 1989; 151:220‑228.

Comparing risk estimates from occupational disease monitoring data. Guidotti TL, Baser M, Goldsmith JR. Public Health Rev 1987; 15:1‑27.

Taking the occupational history. Guidotti TL, Chairman: Committee on Occupational and Environmental Health of the American Lung Association of San Diego and Imperial Counties. Ann Intern Med l983; 99:641‑51.

Does occupational exposure to silica cause lung cancer? Goldsmith DF, Guidotti TL, Johnston DR. Am J Ind Med 1982; 3:423‑40.

The higher oxides of nitrogen: Inhalation toxicology. Guidotti TL. Environ Res 1978; 15:443-447.

Selected Policy Studies

Limited occupational medical evaluations under the ADA and GINA. Rothstein MA, Roberts J, Guidotti TL. Am J Law Med 2015, in press.

Scientific evidence supports stronger limits on ozone. Rice MB, Guidotti TL, Cromar K. Am J Resp Crit Care Med, 2015;191(5):501 – 1503.

Corporate behavior in the regulation of beryllium: could there have been a different outcome if the company had room to turn around? Guidotti TL. Late Lessons from Early Warnings: the Precautionary Principle 1896-2000. Copenhagen, European Environmental Agency, 2012, in press. (Second volume of the “lessons learned” series, published in the EEA’s “Environmental Issue Report” series.)

Nano risk analysis: advancing the science for nanomaterials risk management. Shatkin JA, Abbot LC, Bradley AE, Canady RA, Guidotti TL, Kulinowski KM, Löfstedt RE, Louis G, MacDonell M, Maynard AD. Risk Analysis 2010;30(11):1680 – 1687.

Air quality and health research in a province producing oil and gas. Guidotti TL. Int J Risk Assess Manag 2009;11(3/4):237 – 247.

Aurum: A case study in the politics of NIMBY. Guidotti TL, Abercrombie S. Waste Management Res 2008;26(6):582 – 588.

Occupational medicine and the creation of “difficult reputations”. Guidotti TL. New Solutions 2008;18(3):288 – 298.

Communicating with health professionals. Guidotti TL, Ragain L. J Water Health 2008;6(S. 1):53-61.

DC WASA and lead in drinking water: a case study in environmental risk management. Guidotti TL, Moses MS, Goldsmith DF, Ragain L. J Pub Health Management Practice 2008;14(1):33-41.

Evaluating causality for occupational cancers: the example of firefighters. Guidotti TL. Occup Med 2007;57(7):466-471.

Protecting children from toxic exposures: three strategies. Guidotti TL, Ragain L. Ped Clinics N Amer 2007;54(2):227-235.

The Big Bang? An eventful year in workers’ compensation. Guidotti TL. Annu Rev Pub Health 2005;27:153-166.

A process to reconcile priorities among agencies responsible for environmental health risks. Guidotti TL, Herz WC. Int J Risk Assessment Management 2002(2/3/4): 170-188.

Environmental security and public health: steps toward a new theoretical framework. Guidotti TL, Balbus JM. Med Global Surv 2000;6(2):103-106.

Bioterrorism and the public health response. Guidotti TL. Am J Prev Med 2000:18(2):178-180.

Considering apportionment by cause: its methods and limitations. Guidotti TL. J Workers Comp 1998;7(4):55-71.

Evidence-based medical dispute resolution in workers’ compensation. Guidotti TL. Occ Med: State of the Art Reviews 1998;13(2):289-302.

Effective intervention to reduce occupational injuries in Alberta: a case study of financial incentives. Guidotti TL. Occ Med: State of the Art Reviews 1998;13(2):443-449.

The changing role of the occupational physician in the private sector: the Canadian experience. Guidotti TL, Cowell JWF. Occ Med 1997;47(7):423-431.

Do international agreements protect the environment? The case of the Basel Convention. Guidotti TL. OEM Rep 1996;10:61-65.

Measurable objectives for local environmental health programs. Saunders DL, Wanke MI, Guidotti TL, Hrudey SE. J Envir Health 1996;58(6):6-11.

Voices of leadership in a community under stress: personal observations by officials on an epidemiological mistake. Guidotti TL, Abercrombie S. J Pub Health Med 1994;16:381-388.

The cancer non-epidemic of County 20: Case study of an epidemiologic mistake. Guidotti TL. Pub Health Rev 1991; 19:179-190.

Cooperation in health affairs between adjacent international communities: A successful model. Guidotti TL, Conway JB. Am J Prev Med 1987; 3:287-292.

Interaction between a medical group and a school of public health: A case study of a productive affiliation. Guidotti TL. Am J Prev Med 1985; 1:30-35.

San Diego County’s Community Right-to-know Ordinance: Case study of a local approach to hazardous substances control. Guidotti TL. J Publ Hlth Policy 1984; 5:396-409.


Health Risks and Fair Compensation in the Fire Service. Tee L. Guidotti, MD, MPH, Editor; Alex Forrest, Nancy Lightfoot, Sara Jahnke, Michel Lariviére, et al.; forward by Gary Doer. New York, Springer, anticipated publication November 2015.

Understanding the Evidence: Wind Turbine Noise. Council of Canadian Academies, The Expert Panel on Wind Turbine Noise and Human Health. Ottawa, Council of Canadian Academies, 2015. Dr. Guidotti chaired the panel.

Health and Sustainability: An Introduction. Guidotti TL. New York, Oxford University Press, 2015, 2015.

Creating a Safe and Healthy Workplace: A Guide to Occupational Health and Safety for

Entrepreneurs, Owners and Managers. Guidotti TL, ed. (6 contributing authors.) 2013, 100 pp. A project of the International Commission on Occupational Health, Scientific Committee on Occupational Health and Development. In final preparation.

Occupational Health Services: A Practical Approach, 2/ed. Guidotti TL, ed. Authors include TL Guidotti, S Arnold, D Lukcso, J Green – McKenzie, J Bender, M Rothstein, F Leone, K O’Hara, M Stecklow. Additional contributing authors. Routledge, London (UK), projected 452 pp., 2013.

Global Occupational Health. Guidotti TL, lead editor. New York, Oxford University Press, 2011, 600 pp. [34 authors. Dr. Guidotti edited the book and contributed text throughout.

The Praeger Handbook of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. Guidotti TL. Santa Barbara CA, Praeger, 2010, in 3 volumes, 1600 pp. [Single-authored, comprehensive textbook and reference.]

Science on the Witness Stand: Scientific Evidence in Law, Adjudication and Policy. Guidotti TL, Rose SG, eds. Beverly Farms MA, OEM Press, 2001, 428 pp. (22 chapters + 3 app., index, 20 authors)

Basic Environmental Health. Yassi A, Kjellström T, de Kok T, Guidotti TL. Produced in Geneva for the World Health Organization. London, Oxford University Press, 2001. Dr. Guidotti wrote an estimated one-quarter of the text.

The Canadian Guide to Health and the Environment. Guidotti TL, ed. Edmonton, University of Alberta Press / Duvall Press, a publication of the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment, 1999. Distribution across Canada; “best seller” for the publisher. .

Workers’ compensation [issue]. Eds. Guidotti TL, Cowell JWF. Occupational Medicine: State of the Art Reviews 1998;13(2).

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Occupational Medicine. Guidotti TL. American Academy of Family Practice Home Study Self‑Assessment Monograph 65, 58 pp, 1984.

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Investigation of Selected Correlations between Industrial Activity and Community Disease. US Environmental Protection Agency, Report no. EPA‑560/6‑78‑004, 1978. Chapters & sections authored or coauthroed by Guidotti TL: “Disease association in American steel mill communities”, “Etiology of cardiovascular disease associated with bituminous coal mining”, “Etiology of respiratory disease associated with bituminous coal mining”, “Coal workers’ pneumoconiosis in the United States”.

Selected Book Chapters

Toxicology [Chapter 26]. Guidotti TL. In: Selinus O, Finkelman RF, et al., eds. Essentials of Medical Geology. Revised Edition. New York, Springer, 2013, 597-609.

Occupational exposure to cyanide. Guidotti TL. Chapter ##, in: Toxicology of Cyanides and Cyanogens: Experiment​al, Applied and Clinical Aspects. Wiley-Blackwell, in press, anticipated 2013.

The Praeger Handbook of Environmental Health. Friss RH, ed. Santa Barbara CA, Praeger, ABC-Clio, 2012, in 4 volumes. Chapters written by Dr. Guidotti include “Pollution from oil drilling and production operations”, “Mortality from air pollution”, “Urban ecosystems”.

Occupational Medicine. Chapter 6 in: Nabel EH, ed. ACP Medicine. Hamilton, Ontario (Canada), BC Decker, 2010, 15 pp.

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